From ‘SAD’ to ‘GLAD’ : Managing Changing Requirements with Impact Analysis


Changes in requirements often lead to changes to other project elements such as HDL design, test case and test strategy. According to The Standish Group, a major IT research institution, only 34 percent of IT projects are completed on time and within budget. Standish estimates that 51 percent overrun their schedules and surpass their budgets while 15 percent are cancelled. Although these findings show vast improvement from their first study in 1994, the rates are still alarming. In order to mitigate the vast and long lasting impact of change BEFORE it occurs experience Project Managers/IT Business Analysts provide an impact analysis report that describes in detail which elements will be impacted and as well as the overall percentage of the potential work needed to implement the change. This report is valuable, and must be properly scrutinized and evaluated before making any decisions to change a requirement know the impact of changes before they occur to carefully analyze, budget and allocate resource accordingly.  Track the impact of changes after they have occurred and automatically notify team members to review and update the affected elements.

Impact Analysis Checklist for Requirements Change: